Meritas Investments


Meritas investments starts the process of any real estate project or venture capital opportunity that Meritas Holdings considers acquiring or establishing – through modern business modeling techniques. Thereafter the Meritas Investments team gets together with one of the Meritas Real Estate or Meritas Ventures teams to prepare professional feasibility to establish viability of the project, study the concept and market conditions and obtain indicative financial parameters for the next phase.

Startups often takes time and require extensive work to put on track in which our team of professionals in the Meritas Investments takes care of via coordinating with the other Meritas related party to meet the business plan objectives and achieve the required rate of return.

Meritas Investment has a variety of long and short term investments worldwide. The company’s diverse portfolio includes Telecom companies and new medical solutions and their applications, banking & finance and electronics in additions to manufacturing company and environmental friendly companies.