Meritas Real Estate


Meritas Real Estate is the developer for all property projects of the Group. Its involvement includes initiating and developing property projects. The company relies on its financial team to assess economical viability and on its engineering experience in ensuring delivery of unique and efficient designs.

Meritas Real Estate generally outsources the detailed management process and remains primarily a financial lead entity.

The process may be looked at as divided into the following two discrete phases:

1.Project Development

The project is now under development and Meritas Management are coordinating and managing the design and procurement processes. Financial indicators are updated regularly to ensure that an open Exit Strategy remains available to ensure the best returns depending on the market condition.

Marketing and sales are underway which serve to publicize the developments and contribute to the finances through cash injections.

2.Project Execution

This is the final man phase where the project is under construction. Procurement coordinated with Meritas Ventures and Management contribute to post-execution phase to ensure the developments remain attractive investment options