Beach Club Amwaj Islands

The Amwaj Islands Beach Club will be the upcoming attraction of the island, surrounded by beautiful scenery and a view of Amwaj Gateway.  The Beach Club will comprise of all the necessities needed according to each guest’s needs such as restaurants, a fitness center, chalets and a private beach that will offer marina and water sport activities, according to each guest’s needs such as a fitness and sport center for athletic needs, marina activities for water sports fans as well as private restaurants and cafes.  The Beach Club comprises a private beach where guests will enjoy the benefit of private chalets for short-term rentals and a large banqueting centre for social events.

The Astrolabe water feature was commissioned for the official opening ceremony. Designed by a specialist Sundial/Water feature expert, it now forms part of the permanent landscape. The sculpture, based on an ‘Astrolabe’, an ancient Arabic navigational tool, provides a focal point for Islanders and a cherished memory of a crowning moment.


Contact Details:

Building 880, Road 5815, Block 258, Amwaj Islands, P.O.Box 11990, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

+973 16 033100